Up to 3,000 helpers will be required to make the International Youth Convention run smoothly. Their task is to make the International Youth Convention run smoothly for the young invited participants.

You can apply as a helper from 9th December 2018. Firstly, each helper must register him/herself using the "Helpers' registration card" which each congregation rector in Germany has received by post.

Registering as a helper

The process is similar to that of the group leader, except that each helper will require his/her own code. Each congregation has now received 25 helper registration cards for this purpose. They are orange coloured, differing significantly from the group leader cards in blue. Also differing from registering as a participant is that each helper must register individually.

One of the preconditions to be a helper is the open availability on all four days of the event and the necessary degree of bodily fitness. Helpers will be organised by shifts - in varying shifts up to 6.5 hours per day.

Preconditions for employment

  • Being of full age by 30th May 2019 and open availability, at least from Thursday (30th May) until Sunday (2nd June).
  • Willingness to work in shifts: working periods may vary daily according to deployment area. That could mean because of your individual timing or that of a rotating shift system (6.5 hours work – 11.5 hours free, possibly with a night shift).
  • Bodily fitness to cope with helping for a minimum of four consecutive days.

Children of helpers will not be able to take part due to unavailable supervisory facilities during shift hours.

The registration sequence

  1. Register in (Confirm your registering mail).
  2. Register yourself as a helper using the registration code.
  3. Complete and save your profile.
  4. From the menu call up the "Questionnaire" and answer the questions.
  5. Complete the helper registration process. On completion, changes to your details can only be made through the support team (
  6. Transfer your entry fee in February 2019.

Builders and users of booths are not designated as helpers but as participants. They will register themselves with the group code of their group leader.

You will find questions and answers about registering on a separate page:

FAQs about registering

The welcoming package and dormitory halls

The volunteers who wish to help at the International Youth Convention 2019 will be well equipped, will receive intensive training and be well fed. A separate dormitory will be provided on the premises equipped with camp beds. Each helper will also also be given the greetings packet, which includes the official t-shirt.

A lounge room will be at your disposal for the periods between your shifts, to where the programme of events will be broadcast.

Deployment planning and other information

  • Each helper will be allocated to a specific task/group for each day of the event.
  • When you register you will be able to express any tasking considerations, which will be taken into account as far as possible.
  • Team work with predesignated helpers is possible when availability,wishes and restrictions are identical.
  • A dormitory hall for helpers will be provided, fitted with camp beds.
  • A lounge room will also be available at your disposal for the periods between your working hours, to where some of the programme of events may be broadcast.
  • Tasking requirements may restrict some helpers and employees from taking part in the major events or divine services.

Entry fees for helpers

Each person who comes to the International Youth Convention is obliged to contribute his and her share toward the financing of this major event. Just as in 2009, at the European Youth Day, helpers are also asked to show their solidarity. Even the members of the planning executive, the Chief Apostle and the Apostles contributed financially then, because it was evident to all that the entry fees would only cover a fraction of the European Youth Day costs. The reward for all helpers is the opportunity, according to tasks assigned, to be there at the great events in the Arena, and in particular, to take part in Sunday’s divine service. Not only that, but to experience the International Youth Convention at first hand.

The participation fee is 125 euros per person. The payment function will open in February 2019.