Numerous videos in internet remind us of the International Youth Convention and where to find them on social channels.


Divine service on Sunday

Photos of the day


Podium discussion with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider


Face the Lord - facing you

EXODUS - The oratorio of IYC

Opening Ceremony

HERE I AM - the IYC-Song

Welcome to Düsseldorf - are you ready?

Press conference of the International Youth Convention in Düsseldorf

Preview - the IYC Song

Tips around the IYC

Music Sneak Show Your Talent 2

The preparations for the IYC

What can the IYC app do?

What is in the IYC welcoming package?

The IYC Shop

Catering for 30,000 people

IYC 2019: What can I see and do at the International Youth Convention in May 2019

The ambassadors of the IYC and their message to the youth

Trailer: Send your entries in now

Pentecost 2017: an invitation to the International Youth Convention

The European Youth Day in four minutes

A sightseeing flight over the grounds of the European Youth Day

An invitation from Chief Apostle Leber to the European Youth Day 2009