What remains from IYC 2019?

What inspired you or made you think? Which topics should be further deepened and developed? The planning staff would like to deal with these and many other questions after the International Youth Convention. The aim is to foster the impulses and ideas of the young participants and carry them further to the communities.

Foreign sounds: Indonesian music at IYC

73 young people from Indonesia came to Düsseldorf for the International Youth Convention. Their most striking piece of luggage: a bamboo instrument called angklung.

IYC souvenirs bid on eBay

Western Germany/Dortmund. A few days ago, the sale of the remainder of the International Youth Convention started on eBay. Everyone is invited to buy memorabilia here. In addition, there is another sale on Saturday in Bochum-Wattenscheid. Another online ordering option is new.

Do you still believe or have you already started thinking? What atheists criticize about the Church

The speaker Dr. Andreas Fincke is an expert on Christian special communities and was until 2007 Deputy Head of the Protestant Center for World Views. Dr. Fincke confronted the audience with unfamiliar facts and opened a window into the world of atheis, that perhaps was unknown to some.

Alone in heaven? The New Apostolic Church and ecumenism

Peter leads the newcomers through heaven. He shows them all the rooms there are. As the group approaches a door, Peter tells everyone to be very quiet now. When asked why, he answers: "This is where the New Apostolic live. They should continue to believe they are here alone."

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