Pascal und Simon beim Video-Dreh


I connect the IYC with culture, people, peace, faith, good spirits, fun, fellowship (with God and His children), blessings ... I liken it to the EYD - only much bigger!

Pascal Douma, Niederlande

I want to enjoy the IYC and to feel spirit of the youth. I want to grow in my faith and to feel the presence of God there.

I am looking forward to a very special gathering with our Chief Apostle and in getting acquainted with so many other visitors! Let a fire burn in us, which we can carry forward into our congregations and everywhere else!

The IYC will give the youth the opportunity to come together, to have fellowship with each other, to become inspired and to add strength to their own faith. There will be no better chance in celebrating the diversity of our faith.

Kevin Krückl, Österreich

I wish a magic time for myself with my friends and family , filled with emotions, so that it seems unimaginable.

I think that it will be a wonderful experience which can only be had once in a lifetime, where people from all over the world will come together and share their faith.

Raphael Siegenthaler, Schweiz

I took part in the EYD in 2009. The emotions, the fellowship, the divine services - everything was perfect. I can hardly wait to experience the IYC.

I already had the opportunity to take part in the EYD in 2009. That was a unique chance for me to fully and completely concentrate on my faith.

I am expecting four inspiring days which will strengthen my faith. I am also expecting to see thousands of people from across the world who I am able to meet and to share the same faith and joy with.

Many people from the whole world will be there and all of them will have this one faith. This is going to be a very unique experience.

The IYC will bring young people from all over the world together and we will come together, as God comes to us; without prejudice.

Élise Faix, Frankreich

I want to enjoy the IYC with all my heart and all my faith, together with all the New Apostolic youth. I am very excited and am looking forward to this weekend.

I am looking forward very much to the fellowship and the spirit of so many young Christians. The IYC will give the youth renewed motivation.

The Youth Convention will give me the opportunity to see the actions of God.

I'm from Namibia, which belongs to the area of District Apostle Kriel. I'm so excited to be here. I did not expect to even come here to meet so many brothers and sisters - especially the District Apostles; to find out what they have to do in their area. It's overwhelming and really wonderful for me.

It will be blessed days, it is simply wonderful to be here and get in touch with the brothers and sisters. This is a great experience!

We're feeling great. We come from France and are very happy to be here. We prayed for it for a long time. For us it's the first really big youth convention and it's really wonderful. The atmosphere is great: we are all together, together with God. We need the full blessing! It will certainly be a great weekend, in faith, in joy, with a lot of good mood and bliss.

We came to the opening ceremony of the IYC and it was absolutely awesome! We saw so many people from all over the world. We come from Talia in Australia - it's fantastic!

We just arrived with the whole district and accordingly the atmosphere is good. We already heard some other languages when we were in the food hall and had lunch. There is a certain tension in the air, you notice that everyone is totally excited!