Register now for the International Youth Convention 2019! Registration is made in groups through your local New Apostolic Church congregation. The group's leader must firstly register him/herself with a registration code. This will allow other participants to be added.


The registration process

Similarly to the European Youth Day 2009, registration is organised in the form of groups. This is to reduce organisational effort at the start and later,onsite in Düsseldorf, as far as possible. The process also assures that a contact person is nominated for participating minors.

Each European congregation will have received up to five registration cards. Group leaders can register using the code printed on each respective card. The group leader is then able to add further members to his/her group. The five registration cards which have been sent will allow a maximum of five groups to be formed. Further registration cards can be ordered through the respective Church administration office.

Registering as an individual

Individual registration is to be avoided as far as possible. A person who registers by him/herself is considered to be a group with only one participant. The group then simply consists of the group leader.

An exception is families with young children who wish to register themselves as a group on their own, so that they are not allocated to dormitory space in one of the youth camps. For this purpose, a separate dormitory hall will be set aside, if required. There will also be a separate "women only" area (if required) in the youth camp. Here, the pre-requisite is that the registering group consists only of females. The group leader has the option to select "female dormitory" when registering.