15. June 2019

Foreign sounds: Indonesian music at IYC

73 young people from Indonesia came to Düsseldorf for the International Youth Convention. Their most striking piece of luggage: a bamboo instrument called angklung.

1. June 2019

I AM – Pictures from the Pop Oratorio

"Fire" - the song that most visitors to the pop oratorio will remember. The fire of the Holy Spirit is sung by 3,000 singers, indoor fireworks illuminate the stage and the fire of enthusiasm accompanies the 25,000 spectators into the evening. Here are the pictures of the pop oratorio.
Julia Maier beim großen Pfingstfest in Wien im Jahr 2017

1. June 2019

The IYC song: “God is the best songwriter”

Perhaps you’ve heard the words of a song or music title mentioned and you can immediately recall the melody. It’s on your mind because it’s very popular – maybe it’s with you for the rest of the day. Some songs are like that, they have a special zing; almost everyone knows them and almost...
Musical aus Nürnberg „Drei Engel – Drei Leben – Eine Frist“

1. June 2019

Musical from Nuremberg "Three Angels - Three Lives - One Deadline"

About Angels and Challenges - Musical with the Youth Choir Nuremberg.

30. May 2019

New song: open singing with Gerrit Junge and Sigi Hänger

The two widely known musicians within the NAC, Gerrit Junge and Sigi Hänger, will be presenting songs from the brand new supplement to the youth choir book in an open singing event on Saturday afternoon. Gerrit Junge explains the concept behind the supplement in an interview with IYC editor...

30. May 2019

© Acoustic Element

28. May 2019

Acoustic Element: Two cousins, one passion

Jody Abel (violin) and Callen Petersen /guitar) from South Africa are cousins. It is really a coincidence that they are an acoustic duo. They explained how it all came about and what their expectations are at the International Youth Convention in an interview with Andrea Stephens, of the New...

20. May 2019

Praise and worship - the GospelproJekt at the IYC

How do you keep passion, emotion and enthusiasm alive after more than ten years? The proof comes from the GospelproJekt: with Christ and captivating music it’s possible.

17. May 2019

EXODUS – The oratorio for the International Youth Convention

”Wollte Gott – wollte Gott, wir wären in Ägypten gestorben?“ echoed the five-part lyrics almost accusingly from the youth choir of the New Apostolic Church from Southern Germany. Around 70 male and female young singers from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria came together for a practice weekend in...

13. March 2019

31st May 2019: The pop oratorio in the Düsseldorf Arena

This is the fourth presentation of the pop oratorio: now at the International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church, on Friday, 31st May 2019 in the Düsseldorf Arena. The audience there will be treated to a special premiere: the work has been translated into English for the International...
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