Youth Convention Orchestra and friends

A youth orchestra will play during the evening events of Saturday and in Sunday's divine service.

The orchestra stems from the 300 to 350 members of the former Hesse/Rhineland Palatinate/Saarland youth orchestra. The orchestra has been meeting for some years to practice its musical repertoire for the approaching youth convention.

An invitation is sent now to any other musicians interested to join in and play together in the orchestra for the IYC.

You'd like to play in the "Youth Convention Orchestra and friends"?

Then you should...

  • be able to play a symphonic instrument
  • have had some years of musical instrument instruction and be technically capable of mastering pieces with four sharps or four flats
  • take part on the practice weekend (attendance is obligatory)
  • attend the dress rehearsal on the Saturday of the International Youth Convention. (attendance is obligatory)

Participation in both the IYC choir (divine service and pop oratorio) and the "Youth Convention Orchestra and friends" is not possible for organisational reasons.

The rehearsal weekend

The full rehearsal weekend will be in the area of Frankfurt am Main from 24th to 26th May 2019. These dates have especially been set directly before the International Youth Convention.

If you are travelling from another country the organisers of the Youth Convention Orchestra will be most willing to seek private accommodation for you for the three days before the IYC. The loan of a musical instrument will also be possible.

Register now!

The orchestra will also have between 300 to 350 members at the International Youth Convention. It will be conducted by Burkhard Schmitt, from Mainz. Rehearsals will be conducted in the German and English languages if necessary.

The point of contact is Ingo Guttzeit. If you have any questions or are interested to take part you are requested to send an email to or by telephone to +49 172 5643116.

The closing date is 31st January 2019!

The Youth Convention Orchestra would be very happy to hear from all who would like to take part!