The International Youth Convention, with its programme, poses an enormous organisational and financial challenge. Its organisation will require plenty of personnel support; first aiders, orderlies, hall administration, technical experts, exhibition display construction and many more.

The New Apostolic Church will be keeping the cost for each participant as low as possible, so that as many young people as possible can take part. Therefore, the International Youth Convention is very much dependent on the support from donations and sponsorship.

Sponsors of the International Youth Convention 2019

We thank the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for its support.

Wir freuen uns auf dich – mit Sicherheit!

Deine Verkehrswachten Bielefeld und Düsseldorf sowie die Landesverkehrswacht NRW



Come as a helper

Up to 3,000 helpers will be required to ensure that the International Youth Convention runs smoothly. The skills which you have and the duration of your availability will both be taken into account when you apply. You can send your helper application in from December 2018.

There are many ways in which helpers can be active at the International Youth Convention 2019. For example, we are looking for first aiders, those with technical know-how, staff for safety and security, warehouse and store keepers, city guides, info-point staff and interpreters. Support is also necessary in the area of greeting and reception, meal distribution and for the construction and dismantling in the exhibition halls.

What awaits the helpers?

The volunteers who willingly give their help at the International Youth Convention 2019 will be well equipped; they will receive intensive preparation and will be well fed. A separate dormitory hall will be available on the premises for them and ... helpers will also be given the welcoming package, which will include the official t-shirt.

Everyone who comes to the International Youth Convention will add their contribution toward financing this major event. Helper are now asked to how their solidarity, just as they did in the European Youth Day of 2009. The planning team members, the Chief Apostle and the Apostles all paid their entry fee then, because they were all very well aware that these fees only covered a fraction of the costs incurred by the European Youth Day. You, dear helper, will have the chance, according to your tasks, to be a part of the major events in the Düsseldorf Arena and, especially, to take part in Sunday's divine service; not only that, but also to have a close up experience of the International Youth Convention at first hand.

The entrance fee per person is 125 euros.