The planning executive

The foundation for the International Youth Convention 2019 is laid down by the planning executive committee, in which representatives of each District Apostle have been included since 2016. Generally speaking, they are Apostles or Bishops with youth counselling responsibilities in their respective district Churches.


Planning Group 1 "Contents - Exhibitors"

Group leader: Manuel Krempf (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

The planning group is designing the concept for all exhibitions and displays located around the exhibition premises. Hall no. 6, in particular, is planned to be the central place where people can meet each other, a Hall of Encounters, and where all the District Apostle regions can present themselves. It will include a number of expansive cafés as meeting points and a variety of topical displays. Space will also be provided in other halls for exhibitors to present themselves.

Planning Group 2 "Messe: Contents - Presentations"

Group leader: Ralph Wittich (New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany)

This project group is concerned with the detailed planning of all event contents taking place around the exhibition grounds and halls. The group's wish in the coming months is to allow as many of the youth as possible from all district Churches to be involved in the planning of the Youth Convention. Youth groups or youth individuals are encouraged to send in any musical or other any other programme or general ideas for the event which they may have.

Ralph Wittich Ralph Wittich

Planning Group 3 "Arena: Contents - Events"

Group leader: David Otten (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

The project group is developing ideas for those major events taking place in the Arena. For example, the opening event on Friday morning and the closing divine service on Sunday will be held there. The way will also be open for the youth to be there on the evenings of Friday and Saturday to experience further large events.

David Otten David Otten

Planning Group 4 "Music"

Group leader: Hans-Jürgen Bauer (New Apostolic Church Southern Germany)

The project group is arranging the musical programme. Once again, spontaneous street music played around the premises is to play an important part of the event. Also, a major musical programme is being planned to take place in the evening in the Arena. A further highlight will be a large open air event on the Messe premises.

Hans-Jürgen Bauer Hans-Jürgen Bauer

Project Group 6 "Catering"

Group leader: Hendrik Herrmann (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

The project group is responsible for the catering provisions of around 30,000 young people. 25,000 of them will be sleeping and breakfasting on the premises. Lunch and an evening meal must be provided for up to 35,000 persons. Around 300 tons of drinking water will be required, which equates to 25,000 crates of water, or 40 lorry loads. Also required will be around 10 tons of fruit.

Hendrik Herrmann Hendrik Herrmann

Planning Group 7 "Arena: Organisation and Technical"

Group leader: Reinhold Wegner (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

This group has the responsibility in the Arena for the organisational and technical planning and its implementation, together with monitoring and controlling the events taking place there. The group will therefore be responsible for the organisation of participation in Holy Communion during the Sunday's divine service for more than 30,000 attendees. It will need the help of between 800 and 1,000 Priests to dispense the Communion wafers.

Reinhold Wegner Reinhold Wegner

Planning Group 8 "Messe: Organisation and Technical"

Group leader: Winfried Bister (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

This group is responsible for the technical coordination between the IJT 2019 and the Messe company, as well as the technical supervision of events taking place in the halls, around the exhibition premises and in the CCD.

Winfried Bister Winfried Bister

Planning Group 9 "Accommodation"

Group leader: Wolfgang Wegener (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

This group is responsible for the organisational and technical planning of overnight accommodation and for sanitary facilities on the Messe premises (youth camp). Accommodation will be provided in dormitory halls. Each person will be bringing his or her own sleeping bag or mat, but showers and toilets must be provided for up to 25,000 persons.

Wolfgang Wegener Wolfgang Wegener

Planning Group 10 "Communications"

Group leader: Frank Schuldt (New Apostolic Church Western Germany)

The project group is responsible for all external communications in close collaboration with all other project groups.

The group first started its work in 2017 in producing the design for which the motto, with its underlining visual image, is now recognised for the International Youth Convention. Twelve, or so, graphic designers had responded to an invitation to tender for the design, and more than 40 entries were sent in. A further project is the survey of the youths’ expectations. The planning group produced an online questionnaire for this purpose, which was published in April 2017. All potential visitors to the International Youth Convention 2019 had the opportunity to express their preferences and interests. The results have been forwarded into further programme planning of the event and will be revealed piece by piece.

The project group also oversees the internet website, the IYC app and all publication concerning the International Youth Convention, and additionally advises the other project groups on many issues of communication and external presentation.

Frank Schuldt Frank Schuldt