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In autumn, a CD with impressions from the musical programme as well as a DVD / BluRay with a video recording as well as clips of the arena events will be released.

The double CD contains musical highlights from the concerts in Halls 5 and 8b, the open-air stage and the arena, compiled and mixed from the original recordings. A special emphasis was placed on the variety of musical styles and performances. Special highlights are excerpts from the pop oratorio and the central events in the arena. The proportion of the pop oratorio alone is about 20 minutes - with pieces like "I am the vine", "I am the door" and "fire".

The DVD / BluRay contains the highlights from the events at the trade grounds and arena as well as numerous impressions of the weekend in Dusseldorf. In addition to the reportage, there is also bonus material such as compilations of other events and excerpts from the pop oratorio.

CD, DVD and BluRay can now be preordered form the Bischoff-Verlag.


CD, DVD and BluRay "Here I am" pre-order
Jul 31, 2019
The International Youth Convention 2019 on Ascension Day in Dusseldorf was the culmination of the 2019 church year for young New Apostolic Christians. In autumn a CD with impressions from the musical programme as well as a DVD / BluRay with video recordings as well as clips of the arena events will be released.
Fighting at IYC? - Evening devotional with a difference
Jul 16, 2019
A moving ballad, fighting scenes, tears and the soundtrack of "Pirates of the Caribbean": how is this going to work? Young people from the districts of Gotha and Leipzig have shown in the devotional they created on Saturday night that one can praise God by all means.
Foreign sounds: Indonesian music at IYC
Jun 15, 2019
73 young people from Indonesia came to Düsseldorf for the International Youth Convention. Their most striking piece of luggage: a bamboo instrument called angklung.
IYC souvenirs bid on eBay
Jun 14, 2019
Western Germany/Dortmund. A few days ago, the sale of the remainder of the International Youth Convention started on eBay. Everyone is invited to buy memorabilia here. In addition, there is another sale on Saturday in Bochum-Wattenscheid. Another online ordering option is new.
Do you still believe or have you already started thinking? What atheists criticize about the Church
Jun 14, 2019
The speaker Dr. Andreas Fincke is an expert on Christian special communities and was until 2007 Deputy Head of the Protestant Center for World Views. Dr. Fincke confronted the audience with unfamiliar facts and opened a window into the world of atheis, that perhaps was unknown to some.
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