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Arrival and registration

Group leaders, helpers and employees must register themselves at the North entrance (Bereich Nord) on their initial arrival in Düsseldorf.


  1. The group leader registers on behalf of his/her group (in the vicinity of entrances Nord B or Nord D).
  2. On Thursday, group members can go directly through with their participant’s pass.
  3. Group leaders will then go to the logistics hall 17 (on Thursday) to collect the access wrist bands for their respective group members. The welcoming packages can also be collected there.
  4. From Friday onward, access to the premises and to the Arena will only be possible with the coloured wrist band and the pass.

Should groups arrive for the first time on Friday, their group leaders must report in at the vicinity of the North entrance, where they will be given the wrist bands for their group members, who must wait first in the outer area to receive their wrist bands before they can proceed through to the Messe premises.

Helpers and employees

Helpers and employees must report in personally at the helper point. This is located near the entrance Nord A (accessible at street level), and is where they will receive their wrist bands.

Dormitory halls

Those who will be sleeping in the youth camp can bring their baggage to the dormitory halls, once their arrival has been registered. They will then be allocated to their sleeping space. The number of the dormitory hall is printed on their participant’s pass.


These belong in your luggage
All around the world the young participants are packing their luggage for the International Youth Convention 2019. Here are some of the items which definitely must not be forgotten:
Acoustic Element: Two cousins, one passion
Jody Abel (violin) and Callen Petersen /guitar) from South Africa are cousins. It is really a coincidence that they are an acoustic duo. They explained how it all came about and what their expectations are at the International Youth Convention in an interview with Andrea Stephens, of the New Apostolic television channel NACTV in South Africa.
Resting places for body and soul
The halls on the Düsseldorf Messe premises, where the Youth Convention is taking place, will be occupied with a number of workshops, so many different things to see and do, to sing and so much more. To allow the participants the time to pause, various groups have set aside places in Hall 7.2 to find peace and pastoral care.
The choreography for the opening, or: Dance your faith
It’s going to be spectacular, but nevertheless in a worthy setting: the opening ceremony of the International Youth Convention on Friday is meant to draw the youth from so many different countries and cultures together. The motto “Here I am” will run like a silver thread through the programme – also in the dance sequences. 35 dancers have been rehearsing together for months for their part in the show; dancers, who never previously stood on a performing stage. Nicole Prestle , of the IYC editorial team, spoke with the choreographer, Ekaterina Levy, about this most unusual project.
Press interview for the International Youth Convention: “The air is burning”
There is eager anticipation – with District Apostle Rainer Storck, the IYC ambassadors and even with the staff of the Düsseldorf Messe. It could also be felt by the press, who had gathered for the interview a week before the start of the International Youth Convention.
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