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These belong in your luggage

Your participant’s pass

The participants’ passes will be sent in the coming weeks to group leaders and distributed to participants. These passes allow you entry to the Messe grounds and the Arena, and must not be left behind. Group leaders must bring the consent of guardianship for under-age children in their group, undersigned by the parents, with them. Group members are advised to exchange mobile telephone numbers before entering the premises, so that no one gets lost on arrival.

"Here is my power"

There is no opportunity to charge your mobile devices in the halls. You are strongly recommended to bring a powerbank with you to charge your mobile telephones and smart phones. Powerbanks with appropriate capacity can be purchased in the IYC shop.

Good night

If you are sleeping in one of the dormitory halls you must bring a sleeping mat or airbed and sleeping bag with you. It is recommended to bring a light-weight sleeping bag (of micro-fibre material), because the halls are air-conditioned. Light-weight blankets are for sale, for a small sum, at the info point should you still feel cold at night.

Hygiene items and hand towels

Toilet items and hand towels must also be brought. The recommendation is for light-weight towels of micro-fibre, because they will dry quicker after use.

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