14. June 2019

Do you still believe or have you already started thinking? What atheists criticize about the Church

The speaker Dr. Andreas Fincke is an expert on Christian special communities and was until 2007 Deputy Head of the Protestant Center for World Views. Dr. Fincke confronted the audience with unfamiliar facts and opened a window into the world of atheis, that perhaps was unknown to some.

12. June 2019

Alone in heaven? The New Apostolic Church and ecumenism

Peter leads the newcomers through heaven. He shows them all the rooms there are. As the group approaches a door, Peter tells everyone to be very quiet now. When asked why, he answers: "This is where the New Apostolic live. They should continue to believe they are here alone."

12. June 2019

11. June 2019

How much Catholic is in New Apostolic? An ecumenical conversation

The panel discussion between suffragan bishop Rolf Steinhäuser (Archdiocese of Cologne) and apostle Clément Haeck (NAC West Germany) dealt with similarities and differences between the Catholic Church and the New Apostolic Church (NAC). Bishop Peter Johanning (NAC West Germany) - like apostle...

8. June 2019

He who serves, experiences more: Young ministers in conversation

When a youth accepts a ministry, it changes his life. How young people can deal with the joys and challenges of being a minister is what a roundtable discussion at the IYC wanted to clarify.
Oliver Preß

7. June 2019

Get more out of a divine service - the mnemonics

Not all divine services are the same. I can remember some impulses years later. And then there are those where it is difficult to remember the essential points, even on the way home. What was it all about again?

5. June 2019

Can youth meetings be saved?

On Saturday, the participants of a workshop were discussing if youth meetings are still relevant in our time. They didn’t find a recipe for the perfect youth meeting, but they gathered ideas for developing them further.

5. June 2019

Help me, please – my partner bears a ministry

How can I be a good example of faithfulness for my children if there is no time left to care for my own soul? What is to be done if the work-life-church balance gets lost? Partners of church ministers started an approach to resolving this issue in a discussion group.
Bischof Peter Johanning (l.) und Apostel Volker Kühnle im Gespräch mit Kirchentags-Besuchern (Evangelischen Kirchentag 2015 in Stuttgart)

18. May 2019

Here we are: ecumenical Christianity at the IYC

The “Arbeitsgruppe Kontakte zu Konfessionen und Religionen, AG KKR, (Working Group for contact to confessions and religions) presents itself at the International Youth Convention with a number of presentations, workshops and podium discussions on various themes. The IYC journalists enquired of...

5. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention 2019 offer? (Part 2)

Services and devotionals - plus concerts, lectures, panel discussions and workshops, followed by exhibitions and involvement activities - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The magazine spirit helps to make it clearer by its overview of events at the International Youth Convention...
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