Die Helfer-Registrierungskarte

10. December 2018

The registration of helpers has started

Applicants can now register to help out at the International Youth Convention 2019 with effect from 9th December 2018. The process is made with the use of a registration code through the website www.ijt2019.org.
Fotoshooting mit Stammapostel Schneider

11. October 2018

Registration for the International Youth Convention starts on 14th October

The start is just a couple of days away: the registration phase for the International Youth Convention is here. From Sunday, 14th October 2018 you can register through the internet website www.iyc2019.org.

25. September 2018

IYC Countdown 7: Bands and choirs – Music at the International Youth Convention 2019

Music will be high on the agenda of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC); at the mega event in the Arena, in the concerts, spontaneously around the exhibition grounds and, of course, in the divine services. What are the plans? Can we expect to enjoy some particular highlights? Spirit in...
Jugendlicher Chor am Kirchentag 2013 in Dortmund

20. August 2018

International Youth Convention Choir: Information dissemination meeting

The green light is on in September for the start of this grand musical project of the International Youth Convention 2019. An invitation goes out to all youth leaders and youth choir directors across Germany to come to Wiesbaden and become informed about the International Youth Convention Choir...

12. July 2018

IYC Countdown 8: Preparations are underway

Just one year to go until the International Youth Convention 2019 begins. One year – perhaps that might still seem a long way away for the youth, for those who are studying in that time toward their final school exams, starting a new job or moving into shared accommodation. The time is very...

8. June 2018

IYC Countdown 9: Become involved – A youth convention for the youth by the youth

As Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten said in an interview conducted by the German magazine „spirit“, the success of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) largely depends on the enterprise of the participants and helpers. What can the youth and the congregations do beforehand so that the...
Musikvortrag am Jugendtag NRW 2017

25. May 2018

IYC countdown 10: The youth are asked – What do the young Christians expect?

Preparations have already been going on for over a year, with several project groups working on the concept of the International Youth Convention (IYC) 2019. The youth had the chance to take part in an on-line survey in 2017 to express their wishes and expectations of this major event. “Spirit”...

26. April 2018

IYC Countdown 12: Joyful anticipation – The motto and key visual

It should leave long-lasting memories, be easy to understand but also be diverse. It should have many different levels to arouse lots to talk about - but above all, it should conjure up joyful anticipation for the youth running up to the International Youth Convention (IYC) 2019: the motto....
Jugendliche beim Europa-Jugendtag 2009

21. February 2018

Survey of expectations – information and communication for the International Youth Convention

Düsseldorf. The final section of the survey covered the preferred means of communication through which respondents wished to be informed of news concerning the International Youth Convention. The Communications planning group is already using three methods of communication: Facebook, the internet...
Die weltweit tätigen Bezirksapostel besichtigten Ende 2017 den Veranstaltungsort des Internationalen Jugendtags 2019

24. January 2018

District Apostles visit the Düsseldorf Messe and Arena

Düsseldorf. The District Apostles from across the globe came, at the end of 2017, to see where the International Youth Convention (IYC) 2019 is going to take place. Many will be sending delegations to help in creating their presentation booths. Documentation of the occasion is captured in a video.
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