4. December 2019

DVD and BluRay are now in production: Delivery in mid-December

On the International Youth Convention, five mobile camera teams were working almost around the clock to capture the most beautiful moments away from the official program. The 110-minute-long documentary was created over the last few months from 30 terabyte of data. Bring the atmosphere from the...

1. June 2019

The Church between the cultures

How much religion does the world need? How much congregation does belief need? And how much unity does the Church need? Answers were given in a panel discussion with the Chief Apostle at the IYC—and they are even correlated.

1. June 2019

I AM – Pictures from the Pop Oratorio

"Fire" - the song that most visitors to the pop oratorio will remember. The fire of the Holy Spirit is sung by 3,000 singers, indoor fireworks illuminate the stage and the fire of enthusiasm accompanies the 25,000 spectators into the evening. Here are the pictures of the pop oratorio.

31. May 2019

A spectacular start: the opening ceremony

“Here I am”: During the opening ceremony the theme of IYC 2019 was shown in many ways - dancing, singing and playing. Chief apostle Jean-Luc Schneider declared IYC open by saying a little prayer and pressing a buzzer for starting the show.
Bezirksältester in Ruhe Volker Lerch

29. May 2019

Young People Reshaping Church – the Empowerment Center

What will remain after the days in Duesseldorf? What amount of the joy will reach into the congregations? How will the IYC endure? The planning group „Contents“ has dealt with these questions, and as a result the Empowerment Center emerged. What this exactly is and what IYC participants may...
Ekaterina Levy

27. May 2019

The choreography for the opening, or: Dance your faith

It’s going to be spectacular, but nevertheless in a worthy setting: the opening ceremony of the International Youth Convention on Friday is meant to draw the youth from so many different countries and cultures together. The motto “Here I am” will run like a silver thread through the programme –...
Auf einem Sportplatz in Ahnatal entsteht die Bühne der Arena Düsseldorf

21. May 2019

Dancing, acting and singing: rehearsing for the opening event

A tiny community in North Hesse. A sports ground on the outskirts of the town has become the meeting place this weekend for the artists of the big events on the programme at the International Youth Convention. More than 100 dancers, actors and singers are rehearsing here for the opening event on...

1. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention offer (Part 1)

Divine services and devotionals: concerts, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and also exhibitions and participation actions - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The spirit magazine helps to orientate with an overview of events at the International Youth Convention (IYC). The...

13. March 2019

31st May 2019: The pop oratorio in the Düsseldorf Arena

This is the fourth presentation of the pop oratorio: now at the International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church, on Friday, 31st May 2019 in the Düsseldorf Arena. The audience there will be treated to a special premiere: the work has been translated into English for the International...
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