11. February 2019

Second encounter of the IYC ambassadors in Düsseldorf

The ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC) met for the second time in Düsseldorf at the beginning of January 2019, ten months after their first meeting in April 2018. They met to discuss and share their experiences and to receive a progress report about the planning state....
Die IJT-Botschafter in Düsseldorf: „Wir wollen ein Feuer anzünden“

17. January 2019

IYC Countdown 5: The IYC ambassadors

They came from Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France. They are between 19 and 27 years old and have one thing in common: they are all inspired at the thought of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) and that’s why they have become IYC ambassadors. They came...
IJT-Botschafter Simon Züfle

17. October 2018

IYC ambassadors: An interview with Simon from Southern Germany

Simon Züfle, from the South of Germany, is one of 18 ambassadors for the International Youth Convention. In an interview with the Church district of Backnang he spoke about his tasks, activities and wishes as an IYC ambassador.
Botschafterin Lara auf dem Jugendtag in Berlin-Brandenburg

8. August 2018

The IYC ambassadors are on the move

Focus on the international Youth Convention 2019 is starting to intensify. Ambassadors of the IYC are already active in many countries and regions and a first meeting has taken place in Africa. The main talking points were about the booths of the African district churches in the Hall of...

21. June 2018

Twelve ambassadors for the IYC 2019

Heeeeeey! – a small demonstration of a Mexican wave in anticipation of 2019: eight young New Apostolic Christians gave a trial run at the end of May to show just how good the mood is going to be in the Arena in Düsseldorf. 30,000 young people from all over the world are going to be here for the...
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