16. July 2019

Fighting at IYC? - Evening devotional with a difference

A moving ballad, fighting scenes, tears and the soundtrack of "Pirates of the Caribbean": how is this going to work? Young people from the districts of Gotha and Leipzig have shown in the devotional they created on Saturday night that one can praise God by all means.

2. June 2019

Here I am … loved by God

Düsseldorf. Closing event and highlight of the International Youth Convention. 30,000 young believers came together in the Arena on Sunday morning for a divine service. Chief Apostle Schneider reminded the believers in his sermon of the omnipresent love of God. This love is to become tangible and...

31. May 2019

Many languages, one connection - the services on Ascension Day

Allez les bleus - run, you blue ones. Even if you sometimes have to cheer on the French in soccer, during youth days they naturally set the pace. On arrival on Wednesday and Thursday, the French groups could already be heard from a distance. During the Ascension devine service, they could also be...

31. May 2019

Here I am - and where do I want to go? A devotional service

The first hours of this International Youth Convention are full of impressions. And they have to be processed first. While karaoke classics are being staged at some of the booths in Hall 6, there is a contrast programme in Hall 8a: The first worship of the IYT 2019 is pending. Be quiet, shut...
Um die Frage „Wo bist du?“ geht es in der Andacht am Freitagabend 23.30 Uhr in Halle 8a.

24. May 2019

“Where are you, God?” – a devotional for Friday evening

Just imagine a school playground with the commotion of children all talking loudly at the same time. Some of them are even screaming, because they are trying to talk above the noise and the sound is deafening. No one hears the poor child in the corner who really has something to say.
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