1. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention offer (Part 1)

Divine services and devotionals: concerts, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and also exhibitions and participation actions - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The spirit magazine helps to orientate with an overview of events at the International Youth Convention (IYC). The...

30. April 2019

Publication of the International Youth Convention programme

Düsseldorf. The first International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church will start very shortly. Almost 30,000 young people will travel to Düsseldorf from all over the world. An exciting programme awaits them, with more than 300 individual items.

20. December 2018

IYC Countdown 6: How international will the IYC be?

The International Youth Convention 2019 is truly meant to be international: not only through displays and presentations by the district churches worldwide but also by the many young visitors from as many countries as possible. The Spirit magazine asked what challenges had to be overcome in order...

25. September 2018

IYC Countdown 7: Bands and choirs – Music at the International Youth Convention 2019

Music will be high on the agenda of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC); at the mega event in the Arena, in the concerts, spontaneously around the exhibition grounds and, of course, in the divine services. What are the plans? Can we expect to enjoy some particular highlights? Spirit in...

12. July 2018

IYC Countdown 8: Preparations are underway

Just one year to go until the International Youth Convention 2019 begins. One year – perhaps that might still seem a long way away for the youth, for those who are studying in that time toward their final school exams, starting a new job or moving into shared accommodation. The time is very...

8. June 2018

IYC Countdown 9: Become involved – A youth convention for the youth by the youth

As Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten said in an interview conducted by the German magazine „spirit“, the success of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) largely depends on the enterprise of the participants and helpers. What can the youth and the congregations do beforehand so that the...
Belgische Gruppe am Europa-Jugendtag 2009

25. October 2017

Send in your ideas for the International Youth Convention

The motto of the International Youth Convention 2019, “Here I am”, symbolises and represents the Church, its congregations and the Youth Convention. The young Christians are the present and the future of the New Apostolic Church, which is why the Church wishes that they play a major part in...
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