11. December 2019

53 phrases for the desk

"Seek God not in heaven, but in your neighbor." Or: "Here I am, Or: "No wine, no party" - these are some of 53 phrases from the spiral stand-up display "Here I am" and the corresponding theme cards. The set wants to keep the contents and emotions of the International Youth Convention alive among...

4. December 2019

DVD and BluRay are now in production: Delivery in mid-December

On the International Youth Convention, five mobile camera teams were working almost around the clock to capture the most beautiful moments away from the official program. The 110-minute-long documentary was created over the last few months from 30 terabyte of data. Bring the atmosphere from the...

10. June 2019

When thousands pray for you: The chapel "Time to rest with God" and the Wailing Wall

Sometimes you cannot make it on your own, no matter how much you pray. Then, one needs the support of his sisters and brothers. At the IYC there was a place for this: the chapel and the Wailing Wall in a corner of Hall 6.

3. June 2019

Bye bye - and hopefully see you soon!

Four great days, packed with impressions, lie behind the participants of the International Youth Convention 2019. The IYC 2019 will be remembered for a long time to come.

1. June 2019

The green route or: A path becomes a topic of conversation

Green is hope - they say. But sayings are obviously not what they used to be, because what does the longest route to the arena have to do with hope except perhaps that the weather will hold or that the sneakers will withstand all of this? Many IYC participants, who were assigned to the green...

1. June 2019

I AM – Pictures from the Pop Oratorio

"Fire" - the song that most visitors to the pop oratorio will remember. The fire of the Holy Spirit is sung by 3,000 singers, indoor fireworks illuminate the stage and the fire of enthusiasm accompanies the 25,000 spectators into the evening. Here are the pictures of the pop oratorio.

30. May 2019

Gallery: Arrival of participants

By train, by bus, by plane and with lots of anticipation: Thousands of young newapostolic christians arrived at Düsseldorf Fair on Thursday, looking forward to the International Youth Convention 2019. Here are some impressions of the arrival.
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