1. Juni 2019

Night-time operation: Why a sleeping hall has been evacuated

Some young people had already nestled to their sleeping bags on Friday night, when they were woken up suddenly: Someone had smelled smoke in hall 14, the fire brigade had been alerted. They gave the instruction to evacuate the hall immediately. But the matter cleared up quickly ...

1. Juni 2019

From the dormitory – a self-test

There are three types of youth: Those who do not question sleeping in the hall at all and those who book a hotel room. And then there's me: the sceptic who ended up here nevertheless. Why actually?

31. Mai 2019

Why is this taking so long? The quickest way to get to eat

Was war bei den meisten Teilnehmern der erste Gedanke am Donnerstag nach den Gottesdiensten? Richtig, Hunger. Die Folge des Massenandrangs war, dass Halle vier sehr schnell voll war und geschlossen wurde, und wenig später dann Halle 3. Mancher Teilnehmer musste sich dann von sonstigen Snacks und...

30. Mai 2019

French-German cooperation: Flowers for the altar decoration

Apostle Jeannot Leibfried (France) explains how an idea of two young sisters in faith from Metz (France) became a challenge for many senior church members around Düsseldorf.

30. Mai 2019

24-hour safety mission: An insight into the IJT management and control center

Problems are Holger Pinske’s everyday life, solving them is his passion. At the International Youth Convention, they have so far kept within limits: a light in the sleeping hall that did not go out at night; a bottle of vinegar that burst on the floor of the catering hall; a blocked toilet... All...

25. Mai 2019

Press interview for the International Youth Convention: “The air is burning”

There is eager anticipation – with District Apostle Rainer Storck, the IYC ambassadors and even with the staff of the Düsseldorf Messe. It could also be felt by the press, who had gathered for the interview a week before the start of the International Youth Convention.
Bischof Peter Johanning (l.) und Apostel Volker Kühnle im Gespräch mit Kirchentags-Besuchern (Evangelischen Kirchentag 2015 in Stuttgart)

18. Mai 2019

Here we are: ecumenical Christianity at the IYC

The “Arbeitsgruppe Kontakte zu Konfessionen und Religionen, AG KKR, (Working Group for contact to confessions and religions) presents itself at the International Youth Convention with a number of presentations, workshops and podium discussions on various themes. The IYC journalists enquired of...

12. April 2019

The youth help in the Düsseldorf rubbish clearing campaign

85 young helpers of the New Apostolic Church pitched in to add their part in the “Dreck-weg-Tag” (rubbish clearing day) in Düsseldorf, to spruce up the city before the International Youth Convention 2019. The contingent from the New Apostolic Church was the largest in number from all the schools,...
Bezirksapostel Michael Ehrich im Interview bei der Messebegehung im November 2017

4. März 2019

“We can be proud of our church!”

The largest group of youth across Europe who come to the New Apostolic youth conventions are from the district church of Southern Germany, which is hosted by District Apostle Michael Ehrich; a good reason for us to ask him some questions about his expectations for the International Youth...
Tanja sorgt mit Faktor G für Stimmung

13. Februar 2019

IYC Countdown 4: People with disabilities at the IYC

The International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) welcomes the youth from all countries across the world; whether with or without disabilities. That is the aim of the project group involved with inclusion at the Youth Convention.
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