11. June 2019

Faith and career - a contradiction?

To pursue a career, you have to be ruthless and selfish, so the prejudice. How does faith fit in? In her talk, Stephanie Tritt, Professor and Chief Physician of Radiology and Neuro-Radiology, gave many tips on career planning as well as ideas on how to reconcile being a Christian and being a boss.

11. June 2019

Your are what you eat: When food becomes religion

Saturday, 1 p.m. in Hall 8a at the trade fair premises. Culinary is not offered here at lunchtime, but a topic that is as exciting as it is controversial.

9. June 2019

How sustainable is the IYC?

My journey to the International Youth Convention did not start very sustainably with a car. Much better did the young people from Berlin-Brandenburg, who rode on a special train to Dusseldorf. Or an IYC participant from Switzerland, who took the bicycle trip to North Rhine-Westphalia.

5. June 2019

Panel discussion on partnerships

What does my faith have to do with partnerships? And what role does our psyche play in choosing a partner? These and other questions were discussed by participants of a panel discussion, developed by young people from the district of Marburg.
Stammapostel Jean-Luc Schneider bei einem Podiumsgespräch
am Jugendtag in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017; Foto: Marten Schälicke

12. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention 2019 offer? (Part 3)

Divine services and devotionals: concerts, presentations, podium discussions, workshops, and also exhibitions and participation actions - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The spirit magazine helps to orientate by providing an overview of events at the International Youth...

12. April 2019

The youth help in the Düsseldorf rubbish clearing campaign

85 young helpers of the New Apostolic Church pitched in to add their part in the “Dreck-weg-Tag” (rubbish clearing day) in Düsseldorf, to spruce up the city before the International Youth Convention 2019. The contingent from the New Apostolic Church was the largest in number from all the schools,...
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