1. Juni 2019

Interactive Youth Way of the Cross created by youth of the districts of Göttingen and Hildesheim

Lifeboats and backpacks, life jackets and black light space – with many creative ideas young people of the districts of Göttingen and Hildesheim laid out an interactive Youth Way of the Cross – following the Passion of Jesus Christ.

1. Juni 2019

Night-time operation: Why a sleeping hall has been evacuated

Some young people had already nestled to their sleeping bags on Friday night, when they were woken up suddenly: Someone had smelled smoke in hall 14, the fire brigade had been alerted. They gave the instruction to evacuate the hall immediately. But the matter cleared up quickly ...

1. Juni 2019

From the dormitory – a self-test

There are three types of youth: Those who do not question sleeping in the hall at all and those who book a hotel room. And then there's me: the sceptic who ended up here nevertheless. Why actually?
Julia Maier beim großen Pfingstfest in Wien im Jahr 2017

1. Juni 2019

The IYC song: “God is the best songwriter”

Perhaps you’ve heard the words of a song or music title mentioned and you can immediately recall the melody. It’s on your mind because it’s very popular – maybe it’s with you for the rest of the day. Some songs are like that, they have a special zing; almost everyone knows them and almost...
Musical aus Nürnberg „Drei Engel – Drei Leben – Eine Frist“

1. Juni 2019

Musical from Nuremberg "Three Angels - Three Lives - One Deadline"

About Angels and Challenges - Musical with the Youth Choir Nuremberg.

31. Mai 2019

Why is this taking so long? The quickest way to get to eat

Was war bei den meisten Teilnehmern der erste Gedanke am Donnerstag nach den Gottesdiensten? Richtig, Hunger. Die Folge des Massenandrangs war, dass Halle vier sehr schnell voll war und geschlossen wurde, und wenig später dann Halle 3. Mancher Teilnehmer musste sich dann von sonstigen Snacks und...

31. Mai 2019

A spectacular start: the opening ceremony

“Here I am”: During the opening ceremony the theme of IYC 2019 was shown in many ways - dancing, singing and playing. Chief apostle Jean-Luc Schneider declared IYC open by saying a little prayer and pressing a buzzer for starting the show.

31. Mai 2019

Many languages, one connection - the services on Ascension Day

Allez les bleus - run, you blue ones. Even if you sometimes have to cheer on the French in soccer, during youth days they naturally set the pace. On arrival on Wednesday and Thursday, the French groups could already be heard from a distance. During the Ascension devine service, they could also be...

31. Mai 2019

Here I am - and where do I want to go? A devotional service

The first hours of this International Youth Convention are full of impressions. And they have to be processed first. While karaoke classics are being staged at some of the booths in Hall 6, there is a contrast programme in Hall 8a: The first worship of the IYT 2019 is pending. Be quiet, shut...

30. Mai 2019

French-German cooperation: Flowers for the altar decoration

Apostle Jeannot Leibfried (France) explains how an idea of two young sisters in faith from Metz (France) became a challenge for many senior church members around Düsseldorf.
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