9. June 2019

How sustainable is the IYC?

My journey to the International Youth Convention did not start very sustainably with a car. Much better did the young people from Berlin-Brandenburg, who rode on a special train to Dusseldorf. Or an IYC participant from Switzerland, who took the bicycle trip to North Rhine-Westphalia.

8. June 2019

He who serves, experiences more: Young ministers in conversation

When a youth accepts a ministry, it changes his life. How young people can deal with the joys and challenges of being a minister is what a roundtable discussion at the IYC wanted to clarify.
Oliver Preß

7. June 2019

Get more out of a divine service - the mnemonics

Not all divine services are the same. I can remember some impulses years later. And then there are those where it is difficult to remember the essential points, even on the way home. What was it all about again?

7. June 2019

Souvenir sale in Bochum-Wattenscheid

Dusseldorf/Bochum. One week after the International Youth Convention, remaining stock will be sold next Saturday. In the former church Bochum-Wattenscheid everyone has the opportunity to buy a souvenir of the Youth Convention or something for the furnishing of their own congregation.

5. June 2019

Panel discussion on partnerships

What does my faith have to do with partnerships? And what role does our psyche play in choosing a partner? These and other questions were discussed by participants of a panel discussion, developed by young people from the district of Marburg.

5. June 2019

Can youth meetings be saved?

On Saturday, the participants of a workshop were discussing if youth meetings are still relevant in our time. They didn’t find a recipe for the perfect youth meeting, but they gathered ideas for developing them further.

5. June 2019

Help me, please – my partner bears a ministry

How can I be a good example of faithfulness for my children if there is no time left to care for my own soul? What is to be done if the work-life-church balance gets lost? Partners of church ministers started an approach to resolving this issue in a discussion group.
Blick in den Fotografenraum

4. June 2019

The digital IYC: Social media at the IYC

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp: These media were used by almost all participants of the youth convention and many of those who stayed at home during the IYC to inform themselves and others about what was going on. Who puts texts, pictures and videos online?
Bild von Manfred Antranias Zimmer auf Pixabay

4. June 2019

Need for improvisation: with baby at the Youth Convention

He was baptized on Sunday, four days later he was at the IYC: At three months Rouven is one of the youngest IYC participants.

3. June 2019

No IYC without them: the helpers

They cleared away empty water bottles, pointed participants in the right direction or greeted hungry young people with a warm “Good morning!” Without youth, there wouldn’t have been an IYC, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the helpers either.
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