5. June 2019

Help me, please – my partner bears a ministry

How can I be a good example of faithfulness for my children if there is no time left to care for my own soul? What is to be done if the work-life-church balance gets lost? Partners of church ministers started an approach to resolving this issue in a discussion group.
Blick in den Fotografenraum

4. June 2019

The digital IYC: Social media at the IYC

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp: These media were used by almost all participants of the youth convention and many of those who stayed at home during the IYC to inform themselves and others about what was going on. Who puts texts, pictures and videos online?
Bild von Manfred Antranias Zimmer auf Pixabay

4. June 2019

Need for improvisation: with baby at the Youth Convention

He was baptized on Sunday, four days later he was at the IYC: At three months Rouven is one of the youngest IYC participants.

3. June 2019

No IYC without them: the helpers

They cleared away empty water bottles, pointed participants in the right direction or greeted hungry young people with a warm “Good morning!” Without youth, there wouldn’t have been an IYC, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the helpers either.

3. June 2019

Bye bye - and hopefully see you soon!

Four great days, packed with impressions, lie behind the participants of the International Youth Convention 2019. The IYC 2019 will be remembered for a long time to come.

2. June 2019

Here I am … loved by God

Düsseldorf. Closing event and highlight of the International Youth Convention. 30,000 young believers came together in the Arena on Sunday morning for a divine service. Chief Apostle Schneider reminded the believers in his sermon of the omnipresent love of God. This love is to become tangible and...

2. June 2019

Five continents, one faith - the pictures of #HereThereEverywhere

On Saturday evening, dancers, orchestra, actors and choir performed typical performances from the five continents represented at the IYC. Here are the pictures.

1. June 2019

In the morning at 6 o'clock in Germany - the small breakfast

When I told my friends about my topic for this article, I received the same reaction every time: "6 o'clock? Would there already be breakfast?” But I'm even more interested in who voluntarily eats breakfast at this time of day on Saturday morning.

1. June 2019

The Church between the cultures

How much religion does the world need? How much congregation does belief need? And how much unity does the Church need? Answers were given in a panel discussion with the Chief Apostle at the IYC—and they are even correlated.

1. June 2019

What you need to know for the Sunday divine service

Joy, fellowship, blessing - this is probably what all IYC-participants wish for the Sunday divine service. All of you can contribute to this by following the instructions below:
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