23. May 2019

Booking now open for programme events

Participants can now reserve their seats at the programme events of the International Youth Convention. Booking is possible for a maximum of three events. In many of the halls reservation is not necessary.
Julia Maier beim großen Pfingstfest in Wien im Jahr 2017

22. May 2019

The IYC song: “God is the best songwriter”

Perhaps you’ve heard the words of a song or music title mentioned and you can immediately recall the melody. It’s on your mind because it’s very popular – maybe it’s with you for the rest of the day. Some songs are like that, they have a special zing; almost everyone knows them and almost...
Auf einem Sportplatz in Ahnatal entsteht die Bühne der Arena Düsseldorf

21. May 2019

Dancing, acting and singing: rehearsing for the opening event

A tiny community in North Hesse. A sports ground on the outskirts of the town has become the meeting place this weekend for the artists of the big events on the programme at the International Youth Convention. More than 100 dancers, actors and singers are rehearsing here for the opening event on...

20. May 2019

Praise and worship - the GospelproJekt at the IYC

How do you keep passion, emotion and enthusiasm alive after more than ten years? The proof comes from the GospelproJekt: with Christ and captivating music it’s possible.
Bischof Peter Johanning (l.) und Apostel Volker Kühnle im Gespräch mit Kirchentags-Besuchern (Evangelischen Kirchentag 2015 in Stuttgart)

18. May 2019

Here we are: ecumenical Christianity at the IYC

The “Arbeitsgruppe Kontakte zu Konfessionen und Religionen, AG KKR, (Working Group for contact to confessions and religions) presents itself at the International Youth Convention with a number of presentations, workshops and podium discussions on various themes. The IYC journalists enquired of...

17. May 2019

EXODUS – The oratorio for the International Youth Convention

”Wollte Gott – wollte Gott, wir wären in Ägypten gestorben?“ echoed the five-part lyrics almost accusingly from the youth choir of the New Apostolic Church from Southern Germany. Around 70 male and female young singers from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria came together for a practice weekend in...
Zwei Personen packen die Guides und Unterlagen in Kartons

16. May 2019

The IYC guide is on its way

The participants’ passes for the International Youth Convention are being packed at two locations in Dortmund and on their way through the post since Monday. The participants from Germany will also receive their copy of the guide with their entry passes.

16. May 2019

Information concerning your arrival

The programme for the International Youth Convention will have an early start, as early as 8 a.m. Some of the events will run until after midnight. For organisational reasons, participation in these programme items will only be possible then for those who will be sleeping on the Messe premises....
Stammapostel Jean-Luc Schneider bei einem Podiumsgespräch
am Jugendtag in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017; Foto: Marten Schälicke

12. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention 2019 offer? (Part 3)

Divine services and devotionals: concerts, presentations, podium discussions, workshops, and also exhibitions and participation actions - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The spirit magazine helps to orientate by providing an overview of events at the International Youth...

5. May 2019

IYC countdown 1: What does the International Youth Convention 2019 offer? (Part 2)

Services and devotionals - plus concerts, lectures, panel discussions and workshops, followed by exhibitions and involvement activities - the offer is enormous; time, however, is limited. The magazine spirit helps to make it clearer by its overview of events at the International Youth Convention...
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