15. May 2020

The International Youth Convention comes into your living room

Düsseldorf. The International Youth Convention returns one year later - and this time straight into your living room: On Ascension weekend 2020, the New Apostolic Church commemorates the great event in Düsseldorf, where more than 27,000 young people from all over the world came together. The...

7. February 2020

7. February 2020

Ulm watched the IJT film at the cinema

An unusual review of the International Youth Convention (IYC) was organized by young people from the church district of Ulm (germany). On Sunday evening, 26 January 2020, they invited to a cinema where the official iyc-film was shown.

13. January 2020

Youth from Israel in Düsseldorf The inverted pilgrimage

One who travels to foreign lands because of their faith is a pilgrim (lat.: peregrinus). While every year thousands of Christians go on a pilgrimage to Israel to visit the stations of Jesus’ life, in May, seven young New Apostolic Christians, their rector and their priest travelled from Israel to...

2. January 2020

The film that wasn’t shown: An experience of faith in several acts

The youth from Borna needed 29 actors, seven months of filming, countless pizzas and half a dozen night shifts to shoot the film The narrow path. The premier at the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) was supposed to be the big moment. Rebekka from the neighbouring congregation tells us why...
Jan beim Drehen in der Arena

1. January 2020

Twenty terabyte of film material from the International Youth Convention

All the preparations, the anticipation, the expectations and then - it has come to an end, the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC). To keep the memory alive for a long time, four camera teams were working at the IYC, trying to be everywhere and to capture the IYC feeling.

11. December 2019

53 phrases for the desk

"Seek God not in heaven, but in your neighbor." Or: "Here I am, Or: "No wine, no party" - these are some of 53 phrases from the spiral stand-up display "Here I am" and the corresponding theme cards. The set wants to keep the contents and emotions of the International Youth Convention alive among...

4. December 2019

DVD and BluRay are now in production: Delivery in mid-December

On the International Youth Convention, five mobile camera teams were working almost around the clock to capture the most beautiful moments away from the official program. The 110-minute-long documentary was created over the last few months from 30 terabyte of data. Bring the atmosphere from the...

29. November 2019

CD “Here I am" available from 15 December

62 tracks with a total of 3 hours and 49 minutes - that’s what you can expect from the music from the International Youth Convention. A whole range of music can be found on the three CDs: From the pop oratorio I AM to the hymns in the divine service, from pieces of single bands to several...

31. July 2019

CD, DVD and BluRay "Here I am" pre-order

The International Youth Convention 2019 on Ascension Day in Dusseldorf was the culmination of the 2019 church year for young New Apostolic Christians. In autumn a CD with impressions from the musical programme as well as a DVD / BluRay with video recordings as well as clips of the arena events...
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