Tickets for the pop oratorio "I AM"

The International Youth Convention Choir (IYC Choir) is presenting the pop oratorio "I AM" at the International Youth Convention 2019 on Friday evening, 31st May 2019 at 8 p.m. in the Düsseldorf Arena. Tickets for the concert in the Düsseldorf Arena are available under

Press interview for the International Youth Convention: “The air is burning”

There is eager anticipation – with District Apostle Rainer Storck, the IYC ambassadors and even with the staff of the Düsseldorf Messe. It could also be felt by the press, who had gathered for the interview a week before the start of the International Youth Convention.
Um die Frage „Wo bist du?“ geht es in der Andacht am Freitagabend 23.30 Uhr in Halle 8a.

“Where are you?” – a devotional for Friday evening

Just imagine a school playground with the commotion of children all talking loudly at the same time. Some of them are even screaming, because they are trying to talk above the noise and the sound is deafening. No one hears the poor child in the corner who really has something to say.

Booking now open for programme events

Participants can now reserve their seats at the programme events of the International Youth Convention. Booking is possible for a maximum of three events. In many of the halls reservation is not necessary.
Julia Maier beim großen Pfingstfest in Wien im Jahr 2017

The IYC song: “God is the best songwriter”

Perhaps you’ve heard the words of a song or music title mentioned and you can immediately recall the melody. It’s on your mind because it’s very popular – maybe it’s with you for the rest of the day. Some songs are like that, they have a special zing; almost everyone knows them and almost everyone can hum the melody. Wouldn’t it be great if the IYC 2019 song also became such a favourite.
Auf einem Sportplatz in Ahnatal entsteht die Bühne der Arena Düsseldorf

Dancing, acting and singing: rehearsing for the opening event

A tiny community in North Hesse. A sports ground on the outskirts of the town has become the meeting place this weekend for the artists of the big events on the programme at the International Youth Convention. More than 100 dancers, actors and singers are rehearsing here for the opening event on Friday and Saturday evening.

See you soon in Düsseldorf: