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4. December 2019 | Events

DVD and BluRay are now in production: Delivery in mid-December

On the International Youth Convention, five mobile camera teams were working almost around the clock to capture the most beautiful moments away from the official program. The 110-minute-long documentary was created over the last few months from 30 terabyte of data. Bring the atmosphere from the IYC straight into your living room.

12. June 2019 | Church life

It is up to us! - Being active in the Church

11. June 2019 | Church life

How much Catholic is in New Apostolic? An ecumenical conversation

11. June 2019 | Christianity in everyday life

Faith and career - a contradiction?

11. June 2019 | Christianity in everyday life

Your are what you eat: When food becomes religion

10. June 2019 | Impressions

When thousands pray for you: The chapel "Time to rest with God" and the Wailing Wall

9. June 2019 | Christianity in everyday life

How sustainable is the IYC?

8. June 2019 | Church life

He who serves, experiences more: Young ministers in conversation

Oliver Preß

7. June 2019 | Church life

Get more out of a divine service - the mnemonics