Tickets for the pop oratorio "I AM"

The International Youth Convention Choir (IYC Choir) is presenting the pop oratorio "I AM" at the International Youth Convention 2019 on Friday evening, 31st May 2019 at 8 p.m. in the Düsseldorf Arena. The audience will be treated to a wide range of musical entertainment, portraying the seven "I am" words of Jesus and the wonders which He performed, in an exciting and fascinating way. Tickets for the concert in the Düsseldorf Arena are available under

Register now for the International Youth Convention 2019! Registration is by groups through your home New Apostolic congregation.

The IYC shop online

Still looking for ideas for a creative present? Then why not browse around the shop of the International Youth Convention? How about an official t-shirt? The IYC sun glasses? Or perhaps a seat cushion? The items will be available for delivery from February 2019.

The youth help in the Düsseldorf rubbish clearing campaign

Düsseldorf. 85 young helpers of the New Apostolic Church pitched in to add their part in the “Dreck-weg-Tag” (rubbish clearing day) in Düsseldorf, to spruce up the city before the International Youth Convention 2019. The contingent from the New Apostolic Church was the largest in number from all the schools, organisations and private initiatives which took part in the activity organised by Pro Düsseldorf. 32 tons of rubbish was collected in total across the city.

IYC Countdown 3: the major events at the IYC

Perhaps a chance encounter, a moment from the divine service or the sensation of being together among the celebrations of the 30,000 in the Arena: a very personal highlight. A particular project group has been working hard so that the large events on the programme of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) can bring such special highlights for many of the youth.